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South India Holiday Travel ManagersWe are a small but highly efficient, award winning team of travel professionals. We have vast experience in South India Holidays, and travel services. Our trip leads are expert guides and naturalists, who ensure that you have hassle free and great South India Holidays and Tours.

We are here because we love to show our country off, because we love to travel and meet new people. We are here because we are passionate about the earth and environment. We believe that travel must be sustainable and should drive a huge amount of conservation of sensitive environments and benefit a large number of local people. We are here because we are great at what we do.

Our South India Holiday and Tour itineraries are designed with the aid of internationally acclaimed gurus of Indian Heritage, Art and Culture, such as Dr V.S. Ramachandran of UCLA. With academics and history, myth, mythology and folklore, we bring in a delectable mix of knowledge of home; on where to find the best shopping deals or the tastiest cuisine, which pub is the best to hit depending on the mood, where the best places are to spot a big cat . . .

Chandan Seetharam

South India Holiday Picture: South India Holiday Tour Guide Chandan

Chandan is in-charge of the day-to-day running of Indian Expeditions and he will probably be your first point of contact with us.  He has led many tours across the Indian Subcontinent. Born into a family of academicians, he has traveled extensively with renowned authorities on art, culture and history. A passionate traveler, he loves meeting people and showing them around fantastic South India. Chandan has worked with Greenpeace and was later involved in building sustainable game lodges and travel cafes and has spent over a year documenting birds in the Niligiris Biosphere Reserve. Chandan has worked on many travel programs in the wilderness, apart from leading many South India Tours focusing on culture and art. He is extremely affable and informative, and loves to constantly tour South India ”Being in the travel profession and being a trip lead combines several of my interests – exploring India, trekking, wildlife spotting, being on the road and meeting new people,” he says.

V.N Seetharam

South India Tour Picture: South India Tour Guide SeetharamV.N Seetharam is considered by many as one of the best South India tour they have met. Acknowledged by academicians from across the globe  as one of the worlds leading experts in Indian Architecture, Sculpture, Indology and culture, Seetharam makes for a fantastic travel partner. It is his bookseller roots that have made Seetharam a cultural historian of our times, much appreciated for his insights on prose, poetry, literature and scriptures alike. For decades together and all of the 90′s Seetharam dominated the book business in India with his exclusive and rich treasure, popularly known as “The Bookshop” in Chennai. The press adored his niche motley of books and tagged it as one of the best collections in India.

Today Seetharam has hundreds of fans who once visited his bookshop, admired his passion and are coming back for South India Tours with him as the trip lead.

Pradeep Gangadkar

South India Tour Picture: South India Tour Guide Pradeepa

Pradeep-a, as we call him to avoid confusion with Sebastian, is a certified herpetologist and animal rescue professional. Pradeepa is called in for our South India Wildlife Holiday, SOuth India Birding Vacations and South India Motorcycle Tours. An expert naturalist with years of training, Pradeepa makes for a fascinating travel partner especially in the wild. When not on tours with Indian Expeditions, Pradeepa is involved with snake rescue and rehabilitation in Mysore. He is also a certified rock climbing instructor and the police of Karnataka have him on board as a special instructor for the force. Pradeepa has over 15 years of experience of working with groups of people in the wilderness and has led over 500 programs for adults and children. He runs all our wilderness and adventure tours. Pradeepa has recently had a baby girl, and we wish the family the very best!

 Pradeep Sebastian

South India Tour Picture: South India Tour Guide Pradeep

Pradeep Sebastian is our do-it-all man. From scouting new itineraries to sourcing tonnes of red chilies for clients, Pradeep has the knack of getting things done quick. Pradeep is ever bursting with new ideas, and keeps us on our toes. Wildlife and conservation is his passion and he is a walking encyclopedia on wildlife in India. Pradeep also runs Witness Media, a not-for-profit organization that uses video to engage youth with issues regarding human rights and environmental violations. Pradeep joins us when we go camping and on our wildlife sojourns. An expert on all things Karnataka and Goa, he also runs many of our cultural South India tours.