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Private Day Tours of Mahabalipuram from Chennai
Duration: 8 Hours
Location: Mahabalipuram, India
Price: $145
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Private Tour of Mahabalipuram. Indian Expeditions invites you on a highly rated Private Day tour of Mahabalipuram to discover one of the most spectacular towns in the Indian subcontinent.

Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram is a site that many travelers compare to the Roman Pantheon. Mahabalipuram which was known as Mamallapuram to the ancients is a UNESCO designated World Heritage site; an area ‘considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.’ Here, you will find one of history’s most intriguing enigmas, an open air museum with some of the finest ancient sculptures, structural temples and monolithic art forms in the world. Mahabalipuram was an important ancient port which was well known to the ancient Romans and Greeks. The second capital of the Pallava Dynasty, the site is of now great importance due to the magnificent art forms of the 6th century AD.

Indian Expeditions invites you to take a Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram with an acclaimed tour lead and authority of Pallava art. The Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram will leave you amazed by the legacy of the Indian ancients. The Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram also aims to give you a deep understanding of ancient and contemporary culture.

The true beauty of the site stands out only with expert interpretation, and that’s exactly what you get on the Indian Expeditions Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram

What’s included in the price of the Private Day Tour of Mahabaipuram: Guide Fees, Transport in luxury air conditioned sedan for 3 people.

Extras: Transport for groups of 4 and more. Entrance Tickets where applicable (USD 5 approx per person.) Camera fees where applicable. Meals. Items personal in nature.

Itinerary of the Private Day tour of Mahabalipuram

Start: 830 AM (Note: Timings are customizable) your hotel in Chennai:

On the Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram, We will depart Chennai after breakfast and drive down the scenic East Coast Road. The first stop on the Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram is either Dakshin Chitra, a center of South Indian art and history or the Madras Crocodile Bank, a reptile zoo and herpetology research station. We then stop on the Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram, at the Tiger Caves, a 6th century site of great importance and a newly discovered Roman temple that was built sometime in the 1st century AD. We arrive in Mahabalipuram where we spend the morning and afternoon exploring the various historical sites, the ancient rock temples and sculptures. We will delve into the history of the Pallavas, an ancient dynasty that once ruled an extensive part of India and beyond. After bidding adieu to Mamallapurum, if time and conditions permit, we pay a visit to a Rural Agrarian village, where, on the Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram, you will get to interact with farmers and their families to understand how life in India has been for many centuries. On the Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram, we will also take a look into and understand traditional customs and practices of Indian families. We will then return to Chennai for dinner, ending the Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram.

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