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Intensely South India Holidays

21 days
  • Almost all the highlights of South India
  • Be treated to a scrumptious cuisine suited t the western palate
  • Visit 2 of India's most spectacular tiger reserves
  • Well paced, yet relaxed Holiday
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Art History of South India Tours

16 days
  • Almost all the highlights of South India
  • Be treated to a scrumptious cuisine suited to the western palate
  • Visit one of India's most spectacular tiger reserves
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The Western Ghats Tour

14 days
  • Top Wildlife Destinations in South India
  • Enjoy scrumptious meals designed for the western palate
  • For those who want to unwind away from the cities
  • Night Street Life in Goa
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South India Temple Tour – The Great Temples of Tamilnadu

11 days
  • Focus on the great temples of South India
  • Visit some of the most ancient cities on Earth
  • Meals suited for the western palate
  • Gain a deep understanding of Hinduism
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South India Bird Watching Holidays

13 days
  • Expert Naturalists accompany you
  • See many rare and endemic species
  • Stay in carefully chosen eco lodges
  • Simply the best birding tour in South India
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Private Day Tour, Chennai

8 Hours
  • Chennai City Day Tour In 8 Hours
  • Visit all the Highlights of Chennai
  • Enjoy a traditional South Indian Meal
  • Go shopping
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Private Day Tour of Mahabalipuram

8 Hours
  • Day Tour from Chennai In 8 Hours
  • Mahabailpuram is an UNESCO designated World Heritage site; an area ‘considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.’
  • Enjoy tasty, fresh sea food by the beach
  • Delve into the history of the 6th century Pallavas
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South India Motorcycle Tours

12 days
  • An epic motorcycle tour of South India
  • Visit all most all the highlights of South India
  • Ride over a carefully chosen and time tested route
  • Rest days in a spectacular Tiger Reserve and in Goa
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Rajasthan Motorcycle Tours

14 days
  • Epic Motorcycle Tour of Rajasthan
  • Stay in some of asia's finest hotels and palaces
  • Premier bring-your-partner motorcycle adveture
  • Visit one of the worlds most iconic regions on a Motorcycle
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Wholesale Indian Human Hair Chennai India Tour Guide

3 days
  • We charge absolutely no commission from the business houses we take you to
  • Visit top Wholesale Indian human hair Chennai, India Units
  • Visit big, medium and small Wholesale Indian human hair Chennai units so that you get a complete picture
  • We will make appointments on your behalf
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